Coming Out Stories from Algoma

Coming Out Stories from AlgomaOur Chapter’s website features 26 coming out stories by LGBTQ youth and their parents living in the Sault Ste. Marie area and Algoma District. Each story reflects the writer’s own experience and is told in their own words. Names appear in the some stories at the writer’s request, but most stories do not include specific names or dates.

The presentation of these stories is meant to provide inspiration to anyone in the process of ‘coming out’ and to emphasize the fact that family support makes a world of difference to young people struggling with their gender or sexual orientation.

To read the stories, please click on the title of the story.

  1. A Son’s Hero
  2. Oh, I Know
  3. Found
  4. A Chance for Change
  5. Everybody Loves Cake!
  6. Coming Out to My Gram
  7. My Son… Is Gay?
  8. It’s Completely Normal
  9. A Long Wait
  10. Stepping Out: A Gay Boy’s Tale about Growing Up
  11. A Wonderful Family
  12. Only One Regret
  13. A Ray of Hope
  14. Jamie’s Story
  15. Sibling Support
  16. An Opportunity for Unsolicited Advice and Many Hugs
  17. A Mother’s Acceptance
  18. “By the Way, I’m Gay…”
  19. What a Day!
  20. “This Will be Interesting!”
  21. One Fine Saturday Evening
  22. I Kissed a Girl
  23. Put Back in the Closet
  24. Motherly Admiration
  25. Airing out the Laundry with Mother
  26. We’re There for the Other no Matter What

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