A Mother’s Acceptance

A Mother’s Acceptance

When my son told me he was gay I told him that I still loved him and would be there to support him and told him that as long as he was happy that was the most important thing.

When he was growing up he had one very good friend, but then as a teenager his friend was tragically killed. It was then I noticed he never really hung around with other guys and that all of his friends were girls. My son was never mean to anyone. He got along and was friendly with everyone. I love all my children and told them daily; even to this day tell them daily that I love them.

Today the way things are I realize some families are not accepting of their children’s decisions in life. But in my way of thinking life is too short to be judgemental. That is why I am supportive of my son no matter what choices he makes in life. I and his father love him no matter what.

I believe as a child, that my son was a happy boy growing up. We didn’t have a lot but we did have our love to give him. To this day we still have a lot of love and support for our son! I cannot say that I was shocked when he broke the news to us. I think deep down in my heart I kind of knew.

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