“By the Way, I’m Gay…”

“By the Way, I’m Gay…”

One of my coming out stories happened when I was 21 and had just came out.  This was the hardest one that I have in my memory because it was when I had to really face my life and be strong. I went out for coffee after work with a colleague of mine and everything was fine, we just talked and had a few laughs. We were leaving the coffee shop and as we were heading to our vehicle I told her “by the way I’m gay”. I immediately said that I did not mean for that to come out, I have been trying for so long not to let that slip.  She stated that it was time that I said it, that’s why it came out.  She gave me a hug and I got in my car and drove home (crying).  When I got home my grandmother asked me what was wrong.  I said nothing that I could talk about.  She kept asking me. She said that if I talked about it I would feel better. So I thought that maybe she would understand.  I told her that I was GAY and she said “that is why I have been saying we have to go to church so that God will cure you.”  That is NOT what I wanted to hear.  I left and went to my room and cried a little more and thought about what the rest of my family would think and eventually fell asleep.

**Note to this day I’m not sure if she is okay with it or not. That’s okay  though, I am learning to accept that she may never accept who I am

I just want you to know that there are people in this world who don’t agree with our life choices on who we love but that is their opinion!!

I have also watched a lot of coming out stories on youtube in order for me to feel comfortable. Also to give me the courage to come out and when I am feeling down I will still go watch one or two clips.

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