Everybody Loves Cake!

Everybody Loves Cake!

In my life, the acceptance and approval from my close friends are just as important as that which comes from my family. I had recently re-acquainted with an old friend who has always been a good friend, and I have just recently come out. My mom was still in the “it’s just a phase” mindset, and it would take her a little while to get over that. I had also just come out to a few of my friends, one of them being a devout Christian and it actually went quite well. So my friend and I where enjoying some coffee outside and smoking because when we aren’t playing world of war craft, that’s what we do. I had decided a little while ago that I needed to come out of my closet to her because she really is a good friend and she never has been the judgemental type, she’s actually quite thoughtful and to say “liberal” would be an understatement. (This is why we get along so well) so I told her there was something I needed to tell her. I think we where talking about all the boys that used to have a crush on her way back when. She never showed emotion well, so it was hard to gauge her response. I said “well, I just wanted to tell you that I am gay, and have been for about 10 years now.”  (I’ve never been a fan of sugar coating or letting people down softly about this. This is who I choose to be, and if you can’t handle it, then let me know when you can.) She looked at me all “deer in the headlights” like and I couldn’t gauge her response, and it felt like an eternity before she said: “So do I… do I…. bake you a cake or something?” I couldn’t stop laughing. Whenever I debate or stress about coming out to someone I will always remember that, despite what the media shows us, there will always be people like this out there, and frankly, I think are worth seeking.

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