I told my mother at 18 I was gay, and she didn’t take it all that well. I got really pissed off at her.  Whether she liked it or not, she would have to accept me for who I am.  One day, I was helping her with moving stuff around in the house and she got annoyed with me. Sure enough, we got into a fight, and I told her: “You know what? Fuck this.  You wanna treat me like shit, then fuck you.” I ran away, to another city and she didn’t find me for two days because I was hiding from her. Then I just let myself go and let her find me.  She told me,  “I love you, no matter what.  As long you are happy, I am happy too.”

I said to her, “Whether you like it or not mom, you will love me.  I am your only son.” Now we are best friends.

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