It’s Completely Normal

It’s Completely Normal

I came out early in high school, so one of the first people I came out to was my auntie. I was afraid to tell her thinking the worst (like usual) thought I wouldn’t be allowed around my little cousins. So while I was telling her, well trying to tell her anyways,  I was beating around the bush and I knew she knew what I was trying to say but she wanted me to say it.  But I just couldn’t.  I was afraid but my aunt hugged me and said that she loved me no matter what then she asked me. “Now what did you want to tell me?” “I’m gay.”  And to my surprise she says” I know. I’ve known for a while”. Then I started to cry. So we talked about some other things and almost a year later I came out to my younger cousin. But I wasn’t able to tell him either because I didn’t want him to think that his cousin was gross or a different person. So my aunt had to tell him. She said “you know how a man and a woman can love each other? And people of the same gender can love each other too, and it’s completely normal.”  I looked at him with tears coming to my eyes “well he was afraid to tell you because he thought you were going to judge him”.  My little cousin say “Oh ok” shrugs his shoulders and goes back downstairs.

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